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Account Types

An Andromeda Online account costs $24.95 (one time fee).

To get an account, simply download and install the software and game manual for your platform.

Run the game and go to "Create Account". From there you can fill out your account specifications. Your empire name is how players will see you, and your user name is how you will log in. Make sure to give a valid email address, as you'll be receiving a verification email.


The verification email is sent within 60 seconds. On occasion, people don't get their email. This can be for any number of reasons, but most common is that they typed the address in wrong, or their ISP is blocking it as spam. If you don't get your email, you can still log in and go to account management. From there hit "Change Email" and and enter your email address (you can re-enter the same one if you like), and another verification email will be sent.

Remember to read the code of conduct before logging in to create an account.

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