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We take cheating extremely seriously. In an online game, the game can only function if all players have a level playing field. We consider all forms of cheating a direct attack on our ability to function, on our company, and our players. All forms of cheating are considered hacking, and will be perused through ISP's and the appropriate authorities. Cheating includes but is not limited to:

  • Playing with multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Point Swapping
  • Using exploits
  • Modifying or attempting to modify the server or client code in any way.
  • Decompiling the client code.

Please note that players are not allowed to purchase a game client. This means that you do not own the copy game client which resides on your computer. Rather the client is rented to you by Aepox Games. Therefore any decompilation or review of the client software, even for information purposes only, without written consent from Aepox Games, is strictly illegal, and subject to punitive damages and criminal prosecution.

Cheating may be fun, but it damages our ability to effectively deploy our game, and in even the most minor cases, will be considered an intentional and deliberate assault against Aepox Games.

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