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Code of Conduct

All players must adhere to the following Code of Conduct (CoC). Violating the CoC can result in a permanent ban, and or legal action where appropriate.

1.If you find a bug or exploit, you must report it immediately. Using exploits to gain rank or experience is strictly prohibited.

2.You may not play as multiple empires in the same game. You may have as many accounts as you like, however you may only represent one empire in every game you are playing.

3.You may not harass, abuse or otherwise aggravate other players. If they ask you to stop, you must stop.

4.Your account name and password may be anything you choose, as may your crew names. However, as your empire name is viewed by the general public, it must not contain any profanities (overt or cleverly disguised).

5.You may not modify or decompile the client software in any way. The client software is property of Aepox Systems / Aepox Games of California. Permission is granted only to use the software on our servers. By creating an account you signify that you agree to these stipulations.

All contents copyright ©2001-2007 Aepox Games.