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  1. How much is an account?
  2. If I fail to pay, or change the status of my account, what happens?
  3. When are accounts deleted?

Crew Design

  1. What skills are most important?
  2. My skill only improved a minor amount. Does that help?


  1. How often is the server up?

How much is an account?


     The andromeda price is $7.95 a month. There are those who say it's a lot for a non MMOG (We're just a regular Online Game), but it's about the price of a movie ticket. You can try the game for free, and most games cost about $40 to buy off the shelf, and most people play a game only for 3 months or less. Three months of andromeda costs half that. :)

     We encourage people to try a free account. Free accounts can not design ships, and the crew's can not gain experience, but they can still play. You can keep a free account for as long as you like, and are never required to upgrade to pay

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If I fail to pay, or change the status of my account, what happens?


Most accounts have a 60 day hold period. If you downgrade your account to free, or if you fail to make a payment (in which case you'll be automatically downgraded), you will be unable to access your pay crews and ships. However they will remain on the server for 60-90 days, and will be reactivated should you re-instate your pay privileges. Otherwise, you can continue to play as a free account to your hearts content.

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When are accounts deleted?


Pay accounts are never deleted unless there is a code of conduct violation.


Free accounts must be used once every 60 days, or else they are deleted. You will receive an email message before the deletion, reminding you to log in to refresh your account.


You can also choose to delete your own account at any time. If you do, your account will remain on our server for 30 days in case you change your mind.


All of these guidelines are subject to change at any time, without notice.

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Which skills are most important?


It depends on your style of play. If you like to go head first into combat, then you should make sure you have high Tactics and Weapons skills. If you prefer to direct the actions of your crew, Sensors and Communications are a must.


All the skills are important, but how much you rely on certain skills depends on your play style.

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My Skill only improved a minor amount. Does that help?


Yes. Calculations for all skills are very precise. Improvements of any degree, even as small (or smaller) than 0.001 are possible and do in fact help.

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How often is the server up?


The server is up all day every day, except for server maintenance from 2:00 AM to 2:30 AM PST

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