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    As you may know, we've updated the forums.  Several old issues have been fixed (cookie failures being the most annoying), and they've been moved to a faster, more reliable host with better mailing.  The Andromeda Website will soon be moved to the new host, as will the Aepox Games website and the new Avalon website.




Andromeda Online


    Hello, my name is Nick Soutter, I am the owner of Andromeda Online.


    As most of you know, Andromeda was never as stable as we would have liked.  It was a low budget game, and the lead programmer designed a procedural structure for an object oriented language, in layman's terms, the fundamental structure of the code was flawed.


    Since the entire server and client code had to be rebuilt, we decided to move on to Andromeda 2.0, changing to the new ruleset.


    We are a small game company, and as over budget as we've been, I've been promoted (or demoted, depending on your perspective) to the lead programmer.


    Progress is phenomenally slow, but it is consistent.


    Andromeda Online has been shut down so free up as many resources as possible for version 2.0.


    I look forward to seeing you all when Andromeda 2.0 is ready.


    Thank you for your time and patience.



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