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The year is 2331. The galaxy is rife with feuding empires, corporations, and mercenaries. At the center of a constant conflict is the planet Andromeda.




Rich in every sense of the word, Andromeda is abundant with life, energy, and fuel. In its history, thousands of races, empires, corporations, and mercenaries squads have fought over it. Though victory has been achieved many times by many different empires, success is measured not by the complete capture of the planet, but who can hold it the longest and do the most damage to their enemies.




In this, the third age of Arimus, you have been granted lordship, and the power to build your own empire. Your only goal, obliterate those who stand in your way, destroy those between you and the planet. Recruit your crew, design fleets and ships, and build your empire into the most feared name in the universe.

  • Control fleets of hundreds of ships, all to do your bidding.
  • Battle with up to 10 players at a time.
  • Take control of the command ship; raise shields, fire weapons, or even abandon ship as you see fit.
  • Immense strategy; dodge asteroids, lose opponents in a nebula, or risk a flight through a plasma storm.
  • Challenging AI on 5 levels of play.
  • Custom ship design
  • Play alone or in teams; work together to destroy opponents.
  • Every battle earns you rank. Enter the ranks of the elite or the despair of the fallen.

Andromeda allows for unparalleled scalability. Play with one ship each, hunting each other through space in an attempt to outmaneuver and out-think your enemies. Or play with hundreds of ships. Parcel them off into search groups, attack squads, or keep them together as one deadly armada. Assemble hundreds of small fighters or let your fleet be a single, hulking space station. The choice is yours.

Man your command vessel with the crew of your choice, let them learn from their mistakes. With every game, your officers will get better, sharper and stronger. Even a lost game can help your crew - and your empire - to improve.

Don't like the ships available to you? Build your own! The online ship builder allows you to create your own designs for your empire. Want a stealth fighter? A solo combat bomber? A space station? Design every ship - from shields and armor to system grids - that you can possibly imagine. You can even design custom weapons, from a one shot super-torpedo to a precision laser.

Draft your crew. Design your ships. Deploy your fleet. Destroy your enemies.

This is Andromeda Online.


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